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All of our football passionate coaches are FA qualified and follow a strict code of conduct to create a safe and fun environment for your children.

All football sessions are dynamic and innovative and are well structured and planned in advance.

At Soccer School, with younger children (5-7 year old), emphasis is put on improving fundamental movements and agility on and off the ball, with gradual addition of various football games and drills that would progress their learning process. Children at or Soccer school do not play any competitive matches and they are not part of any league.

At Football Club, with older children, approach is the same, except there is a lot more emphasis on technical side of coaching with variety of sessions based on passing, dribbling, defending, shooting etc.

Legacy FC is a part of Chiltern Church Junior Football League (CCJFL) that plays on Saturdays. Children that are part of one of the team squads of our football club get to play league and cup matches.

Our main goal is to enable and provide an environment in London Borough of Hillingdon in which children of all ability levels can keep active, be inspired to fulfill their potential and create memories of a lifetime.

With our unique approach to the coaching, we believe that we are different from those who offer similar sports coaching. We put a lot of emphasis on conducting ourselves in a proper manner – things like respecting each other, using good language to encourage rather than destroy and helping each other to build our confidence.


We’re not trying to be cool but sadly there are only 16 places in each group and they fill up quickly. If you want in, make an enquiry today.

Shaidon has always had a strong interest in football since a very young age. He joined legacy at the age of 8 & has been there ever since. All the players have grown individually, but as a team, you can see how far they have come and how strong they are together.

Lynette Johnson

Michael has been with Legacy since 2019, it’s his team and he’s proud to play for them. Kid’s interest with things comes and goes but being a Legacy player is something he loves. His development, especially over the last two years has been amazing to see and this is testament to the coaches, especially Kay. His disciplined but fair approach has moulded a good team. The players learn to work together, not as individuals. They encourage each other, have each others backs, learn how to deal with highs and lows together. These are life skills that will serve him well. He’s is a better kid for his involvement with this club. Choosing Legacy was a great decision.

Adam Houlston

DeAndré joined Legacy U10 at the end of October 2022. This was his first time joining a team, and he is extremely happy being part of Legacy FC. The boys and coaches and parents have been so welcoming, which helped him to settle quite quickly. As a working parent l wanted a club that would fit in with my schedule where my son could learn new skills and enjoy playing football. This we found at Legacy FC!

Nadine Cassanova

Joel George has not only developed skills to play football but the experience has also taught him the power of team work and strategic thinking .
He looks forward to Saturdays . Best of all , he has potentially secured a place on the school football team. Thank you to the coaches

Leena Anthony

Legacy football club has been brilliant and engaging for our young son. He enjoys Saturday mornings and looks forward to it every week. Thanks Emmanuel and the team!

Abbas Reza

Over the course of Yuchen’ time in Legacy football club, I’ve witnessed an incredible transformation in my son. Not only has he improved his skills on the field, but he’s also grown in confidence and become a true team player. His ability to work collaboratively with his teammates, support them, and contribute to the team’s success is truly remarkable. It’s evident that the values instilled by this club, such as teamwork and self-belief, have had a positive impact on his personal growth. Keep up the fantastic work, and I look forward to seeing his continued development both as a player and as a young person.

Ting Wang


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Legacy FC & Legacy Soccer School offer high quality and some of the most fun football coaching in West London for children from 6 to 14 years of age


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We believe in hard work. We also believe in natural gifts and abilities. Combining the two and adding our coaching approach, we can help young people develop holistically – including social, physical and psychological aspects


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We play at Hillingdon’s Court Park that can be accessed through Court Drive or Parkway, Hillingdon, UB10 9JX. Click here for Google Map.


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Soccer School and Football Club from 9am to 11am, every Saturday during school term

U6s – U7s – U8s